Between an idea and it’s execution, there’s a long road ahead.
That’s what we’re here for.

Script Development

Writing a good script can be a daunting task, but one we’ve done many times before. We help materialize concepts, create outlines and workshop every draft of the script until it’s good and ready.


Let’s be real; no matter how good a script is, without any money it’s as good as dead. That’s why we gather the capital needed to bring the script to the can. Let’s develop a Business Plan, and get those investors on board.


It’s go time; let the sweat materialize. Once a detailed shooting schedule is complete, we’ll make sure everything goes without a hitch, and finish on time and under budget. We’ll be right beside you on the field.


The process can be long and tedious, but we love it. Our experts will make sure that any actor that comes through the door, gets the best audition possible, so you can find the best possible fit for your project’s characters.

Post Production

Once production wraps up, new soldiers enter the field. We work with the best editors, sound designers, sound engineers, the most robust post production services, all under our tight supervision. It’s bulletproof.

Music Supervision

You’ve got the arms, legs, and head, but you’re missing the soul. We know how to interpret the sensitivities of a specific moment, and translate that into the perfect song to create something iconic. We also take care of all the bureaucratic paperwork, contracts, licences, etc.


One of our passions is to forge alliances with the top level animation studios of the country, so we can co-produce quality projects that are on par with international markets.


Art imitates life. Truth is stranger than fiction. We’re here to help those interested in painting reality with an interesting perspective, realize their projects and get them on screen.


The advertising world needs to move fast, fast, fast. To accomplish this, dynamic ideas need to be executed with precision. That’s why producing commercials requires a whole different set of skills. Luckily, we have those too. Our number of clients keeps growing.

From your mind to reality.

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