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The Toxic Bus Incident, inspired by a bizarre 2004 occurrence on a Vancouver bus, is infused with post-9-11 paranoia about the terrorist threat. A suburbanite woman gets on a bus in Richmond, and notices a dark-skinned man talking with the driver. When she and the other passenger begin to suffer from a mysterious sickness, her paranoia also has consequences for her family, even though it is finally diagnosed as “mass psychogenic illness.



Victor Hugo Martin

Victor Hugo Martín

Gabriela Murray

Gabriela Murray

Andres Torres Orozco

Andrés Torres Orozco

Ana Gonzalez Bello

Ana González Bello

Maria Gelia Crespo

María Gelia Crespo


Producer: Martha Higareda, Miri Higareda, Mauricio Argüelles, César Rodríguez

Director: Hugo Arrevillaga

Year: 2015